About the Podcast

Let's talk about addiction

The truth about recovery is that the hardest part is not getting clean but staying clean. The Jesus Loves Addicts podcast explores the challenges of a life of sobriety through raw and unfiltered conversations. The aim is not to sugarcoat sobriety with picture-perfect “look-at-me-now” stories. Instead, we will deep-dive into the messy reality of our failures, flaws, and stigmas, but more importantly, how Christ overcomes them with hope, freedom, and purpose.

Meet the Podcast Hosts

Paul Del Giudice

Paul is an LCSW with over 25 years experience working with people suffering from addiction and their families. He has the pleasure of serving as the Director of Admissions at the Home of Grace where he helps those who are looking for a better way find the help they need.

Kathryn Kihyet Beatty

Kathryn has been in recovery for over 6 years after a 20+ year battle with addiction. She works as a drug and alcohol addiction counselor at the Home of Grace Women’s Campus where she helps women learn to maintain their sobriety, meet Christ, and develop a relationship with Him.

About the Home of Grace

The Jesus Loves Addicts podcast is produced by the Home of Grace, a Christ-centered recovery center in Coastal Mississippi. For over 60 years, the Christ-centered ministry has offered freedom from addiction for men and women devastated by drug and alcohol dependence. If you or someone you know need to break free from addiction, please call the Home of Grace today.