Breaking the Generational Curse, Part 1

With Brittany Crabtree


Part 1 of a 2-part episode: Brittany is a daughter who had to cope with her mother’s addiction while battling her own demons. Her story is about resilience, love, faith, and honesty. It emphasizes the message that recovery is attainable and everyone deserves love and grace.

Brittany was raised in a sheltered environment under strict Church regulations. At the age of thirteen, she experienced a traumatic event that caused her to lose trust in God. Meanwhile, her mother’s addiction escalated, and Brittany had to take care of her sister and mother at a young age. She even had to keep her father in the dark about her mother’s addiction.

After her mother’s overdose death in 2015, Brittany found herself slipping into addiction. Her story recounts her emotional journey through despair, addiction, and recovery. She shares how her faith, vulnerability, and sharing experiences helped her not only to survive but also to flourish.

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