Breaking the Generational Curse, Part 2

With Brittany Crabtree


In part 2 of Brittany’s story, she shares her battle with addiction, her struggles, and her inspiring journey to recovery. We follow her from experiencing panic attacks to working for the coroner’s office, as she vividly describes her harrowing spiral into addiction, which started with a misdiagnosis by a psychiatrist.

Brittany also opens up about her emotionally complex relationship with her mother, her codependency issues with her husband, and her dangerous use of drugs and alcohol. She shares her unfiltered experiences of hitting rock bottom, along with her battle against postpartum anxiety and OCD tendencies. Despite the uncertainty and adversities, Brittany moves forward on the challenging path to recovery, demonstrating that struggles can cultivate resilience, faith, and survival.

Her story offers an intimate look at her journey to recovery, seeking solace in her faith. She finds an addiction recovery program that encourages her to confront her past, fears, and addiction. Through this journey, she gains the strength to commit to change, learning to love herself and acknowledge her worthiness.

Guided by sheer will and introspection, the episode follows Brittany’s journey as she seeks to define her relationship with God, her loved ones, and herself. From using humor as a coping mechanism to her honest confessions about cravings and her pivotal step towards an accountability structure, the narrative captures her transformation into a person of resilience, acceptance, and compassion – a testament that no struggle is eternal and each new day brings fresh hope.

This episode is Brittany’s moving testament to the miracles of recovery. It encourages those struggling with addiction and inspires them with the resounding message that your worst day in recovery is still better than your best day in addiction.

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