From Misery to Ministry

With Warren Dedeaux


In this episode, Warren opens up about his tumultuous upbringing, marked by the absence of his father and the tragic loss of his mother which led to his descent into substance abuse and depression. He candidly shares the pivotal moments that led him to the brink of suicide and how a divine intervention at his church changed his life forever.

You will hear about Warren’s struggles with addiction, his fight to find purpose, and the impact of key figures in his life who helped guide him back to a path of hope and recovery. Warren’s journey from hopelessness to a life filled with faith, purpose, and a deep commitment to helping others is inspiring and thought-provoking.

We also explore the importance of honest living and the challenges of overcoming the stigmas associated with addiction and mental health within the Christian community. Warren’s story is a reminder that no matter how deep the despair, there is always hope and redemption through Christ.

Join us for this heartfelt conversation and discover how Warren Dedeaux’s faith and determination have not only transformed his own life but continue to impact the lives of many others.

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