He Redeems Our Past

With Krista Kowden


We are honored to host Krista on this deeply moving episode of ”Jesus Loves Addicts”. She is a strong believer who overcame drug addiction and rebuilt her life with the help of faith and community support. Krista’s story is a raw and intense look at the battles and triumphs of overcoming addiction, encapsulating the journey from despair to hope, and from addiction to redemption.

Krista shares her experience starting from the age of nine, her struggles with drug abuse and addiction, and her journey towards six years of sobriety. She also talks about the early years of her daughter Raelynn’s life and her relentless struggle to liberate herself from the chains of substance abuse. Krista’s honest account aims to break the stigma around addiction and reinforce the need for love, acceptance, and community support in the recovery process.

Krista’s faith played a pivotal role in her journey towards overcoming addiction. It helped her become a mother who triumphs over drug abuse and safeguards her daughter’s well-being. She also describes the significant impact of the supportive community in her recovery journey. Listeners are offered valuable insight into Krista’s transformation from a relentless drug addict to a devoted mother.

This episode is a beacon of hope for all those on the path to recovery. It underlines the necessity of self-forgiveness, introspection, and recognition of one’s individuality. Krista imparts an inspiring message about the possible triumph over obstacles, devoting time for oneself post-recovery, and the crucial role of healthy relationships in a fulfilling life.

We celebrate the inspiring journey of a resilient woman leading a life grounded in faith and ministry after overcoming addiction. Her candid recount is a testament to the enduring spirit, relentless determination, and unshakeable faith that guided her journey from addiction to sobriety, allowing her to live a life dedicated to ministry and inspiring others. We highly recommend this episode to anyone on the recovery path or anyone hoping to understand the complexity of addiction and recovery.

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