Running from God, Part 1

With Ross Richard


In the first of a two-part episode, we share the story of Ross Richard, a former student of the Christian school system. He narrates his journey from a brief experimentation with drugs as a teenager to decades of severe substance abuse. Ross paints a vivid picture of his struggles with ADHD, the experience of being held back a year in school, and his battle with self-identity.

We follow Ross from his high school years, where he was heavily involved in drug misuse, to his adulthood, marred by a full-blown addiction. However, the story takes a hopeful turn when God intervenes in his life. Ross shares his process of recovery, his reformed relationship with Christ, and the powerful transformation that came with acceptance and faith.

This episode offers sobering insights into Ross’s cocaine addiction in high school, the psychological and social toll it took on his life, the decisive relationship that served as his turning point, and his journey toward faith-based transformation. Ross’s narrative serves as an intense lesson regarding the perils of addiction, the significance of support systems, and the power of faith and transformation.

Ross’s life journey mirrors a roller-coaster of triumphs and failures, from standing on the precipice of addiction, losing jobs, and grappling with homelessness to his first stint in rehab. Even as he went through rehab, his story continues to resonate with irony, manipulation, and the stark reminder that genuine recovery demands honesty and full commitment. Yet, it also sets forth a beacon of hope, drawing attention to the crucial role of supportive family members, recovery resources, and a desperate urge to change for the better.

Ross’s journey through rehab and substance abuse, coupled with the devastating impact on his relationships and job security, reveals how addiction can sow seeds of chaos. However, his courageous decision to acknowledge this and fight back stands as an inspiring testament to the power of honesty, faith, and resilience.

Stay tuned for the second part of Ross’s testimony next week!

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