Running from God, Part 2

With Ross Richard


In this episode of our podcast, we continue our interview with Ross Richard. We have an honest conversation about the challenges of addiction and his journey towards recovery. Ross tells his unfiltered story, sharing the psychological turmoil that people with an addiction face, the loneliness, and their constant struggle to maintain their destructive lifestyle.

The episode also explores Ross’s spiritual journey, discussing how he reconnected with God despite societal judgments and his own internal conflicts. Ross shares his personal battles, including his frequent relapses, but also highlights the transformative power of faith and love. He talks about how a special girl who later became his wife served as a beacon of hope, offering him unparalleled support and instigating the needed change in his life.

Ross’s story is an honest portrayal of the perils of addiction but also of hope. The episode shows the power of love, resilience, and faith in the Lord, emphasizing that even in the throes of addiction, change is possible. It is emotionally stirring and intellectually engaging, offering an insightful examination of the struggles and victories in overcoming addiction.

Following a life-altering car accident, Ross describes a terrifying binge, a near-death experience, and his eventual realization that led him back on his path of faith and rehabilitation at the Home of Grace. He decided to use his experience to help others, and this decision changed the course of his life, offering a tale of redemption.

Our podcast aims to provide a space for those affected by addiction and to explore the personal stories of redemption, inviting healing in collaboration with the Home of Grace, a Christ-centered recovery program. By delving deep into the complexities of addiction within the Christian community, it allows for a better comprehension of Christianity, redeeming faith, and rekindling hope.

This episode details Ross’s life-changing experiences and the poignant message of God’s resilient pursuit of us, irrespective of our struggles or addictions. Don’t miss this enlightening episode that offers a message of hope and redemption.

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