Send your
30-Second Testimony

Why only 30 Seconds?

How is it possible for someone to condense their life story into only half a minute? While it isn’t easy, it is certainly necessary. In the sales world, they develop what’s called an “elevator pitch.” In other words, if you only had a short amount of time to get your point across, which details would you include, and which would you leave out?

By working on your 30-second testimony, you are accomplishing two things:

1. It forces you to be intentional with your story

“Creative restraint” is the idea that limitations can actually enhance creativity and reveal remarkable opportunities. By actively condensing your story to only 30 seconds, you begin to find better, more creative ways of describing your experiences while eliminating fluff and unnecessary details.

2. You are preparing for a real-world scenario of witnessing to others

Think of your day-to-day encounters with people you don’t know. It may be on a bus, in the grocery line, or even on a literal elevator. Your opportunity to share your story shrinks with every passing second. By having a 30-second testimony ready at any given moment it opens the door to succinctly and effectively deliver a key that could unlock someone else’s prison.

5 Steps to creating a 30-Second Testimony

1. Start with prayer

Ask the Holy Spirit to stir within you and reveal the words that would most effectively share the Gospel to the world around you through the power of your testimony.

2. Make a list of key moments and turning points

What did your life look like before addiction? What trauma did you endure? What led you to enter recovery? What or who did God use to pull you free? How has your recovery walk been since?

3. Create a first-draft script

Don’t worry about the length to begin with. Focus on verbalizing your main points. You would be surprised at how effective writing your testimony can be!

4. Edit it to time

This is the hardest part, but certainly worth the effort. Keep making adjustments until the script comfortably reads out loud between 29 and 31 seconds without rushing.

5. Rehearse

While it may seem disingenuous to have a scripted testimony, the more familiar you are with practicing your 30-second version, the more comfortable you will be with sharing it in an authentic way.

Are you ready to share your story?

We are incredibly excited to hear how the Lord has helped you overcome addiction! Your testimony could be exactly what another needs to hear right now. Whether or not it will be played on the Jesus Loves Addicts podcast, it is a brave demonstration of obedience to serve as a witness to Christ’s transformative power in our lives.